Tuesday, September 20, 2005

That Nineties Show

The Moose feels like it's 1992 again.

President Clinton made his vocal presence known on the Sunday shows. He was blistering in his critique of the Bushies, but he was also wise about the Iraq War. While he acknowledged the Administration's errors, he cautioned against abandoning the Iraqi democrats. That should be cautionary to those Democrats who are advocating a premature withdrawal - it would be a betrayal of fundamental American interests and values.

These days, conservatives are expressing disquiet about the Bush Administration's profligate spending ways. The right has suddenly awoken from their extended slumber to discover that the President isn't exactly holding the line on fiscal responsibility. Of course, the kennel fed conservatives have collaborated in the creation of the deficit debacle.

The Bugman, in particular, was the chief chaperon of the expansion of the welfare state when he held the vote open to pass the Medicare Drug bill on behalf of the party's corporate donors. Why should we be surprised that the Majority Leader now says that they have cut all the fat of the federal budget? Actually, there's more fat in the federal budget than at a Jenny Craig convention. There's more pork in the GOP approved appropriations bills than in a Jimmy Dean processing plant.

But, please Mooseketeers, be kind to your conservative fellow man because they are suffering from a severe flashback. Once again, they feel betrayed by a President Bush.

W. in 2005 has a growing similarity to H.W in 1992. Back then, the father was flailing about trying to forge a response to the LA riots. Think tanks were consulted. Money was promised. And neither the left nor the right were satisfied. The only thing that is missing is Dan Quayle giving a Murphy Brown speech. But, Newt is back. It is all so retro!

But, surely, the right must now look back wistfully at the Clinton years. James Lee Wit has become a legendary hero. Budgets were balanced. Welfare was reformed. Taxes were cut and the free market flourished.

Oh, those were the good old days!

After eight years of the second Bush Presidency, there very well may be a great yearning in the land to re-live those '90's glory years of peace and prosperity that were delivered by the Clinton Presidency. Will a Clinton follow a Bush once again?

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