Monday, October 03, 2005

Hog in Slop

The Moose is enjoying himself like a hog in slop.

Already the howls are being heard on the right!

From the American Spectator site,

"Just spoke with a staffer for a conservative member of the Judiciary Committee whose boss is extremely unhappy about the nomination of Harriet Miers.

"We heard her name. We made it clear that she was unacceptable as a nominee on the basis of qualifications and her views, which we simply don't know anything about," says the staffer. "We worked with her on policy issues, though, before she was elevated to White House counsel and let's just say we were underwhelmed."

"There is now talk of among some conservatives about a filibuster of the Miers nomination. Never mind the Al Gore donations or the money that was floated to the DNC when Miers was a managing partner in a law firm, those can be explained away as "good for the business of the firm...

"According to several White House sources, few inside the building took the possibility of a Miers nomination seriously. Now that it's a reality, they are stunned. "We passed up Gonzales for this?" was one conservative staffer's reaction. "I don't know much about Gonzales, but I think I know enough that he's more of a conservative than Harriet is."

Dr. Moose is a student of human behavior and he is very concerned about his conservative brethren in the aftermath of the Miers betrayal. He is therefore establishing a suicide prevention hotline for right wingers - 1-800- b-e-t-r-a-y-s.

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