Friday, October 07, 2005

How Strange

The Moose muses on the strangeness of politics.

Only a few weeks ago, everyone was expecting Armageddon over Bush's nomination for the O'Connor vacancy. Well, an end of times battle we got, but it is being fought by the right against the Administration. Ralph Neas is not the leader of the opposition, but rather Bill Kristol!

How ironic is it that Chuck Schumer will be carrying the conservatives' water as he attempts to divine Ms. Miers' positions on a range of issues. Pat Leahy is not calling for the withdrawal of the nomination, but rather Charles Krauthammer. One expects a Kennedy-Coburn alliance against Miers on the Senate floor.

Meanwhile the indispensable man, Karl Rove is under threat of indictment - and the Bugman is already fighting the Man. Conservatives are also in rebellion over the LBJ-like spending ways of this Texan President. Casino Jack may bring others down with him. Is the end near for Republican power?

Strangely, smart conservatives should welcome a GOP crack-up before the '08 election. Conservatism has been corrupted by a plutocratic, crony unprincipled crowd. There is a need for a cleansing. If the right can cast-off the Bushie-Delay establishment, there is a chance that it can re-emerge with reform conservative leaders in time for the '08 Presidential election.

Intelligent conservatives will realize that this is not a strange scenario, but rather a tremendous opportunity to save their souls and even retain power. Hope for the worst, and build for a better tomorrow!
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