Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Invisible Hand

The Moose suggests that it may soon be consigliere time.

This is a time of crisis for a Bush. And who comes to the rescue when the family gets in trouble?

James Addison Baker III, that's who.

Back in 1992, when Papa Bush was in deep doo-doo, Jimmy B came into the White House as Chief of Staff. When Junior was in a mess in Florida, it was JAB III to the rescue. And if there are indictments on the way to the West Wing, the family fixer may be called upon once again.

If stuff happens (in the immortal words of Rummy), whatever the direct role of the consigliere, expect that the hand of 41 will be at the rudder for the remainder of 43's term. It will be decided in Kennebunkport that the boy can't handle it - he's in over his head.

In the beginning, W. had at least three minders - Karen, Karl and Dick. Karen went on to other things. Karl may be going on to other things. And Dick - well, he seems to have let down 41 - he did not exactly follow the old Bushie playbook on Iraq and such.

That means that Bush II would have to be put in the receivership of Bush I. That might already have happened on the Miers pick - it was very unRove like. Expect Andy Card, the Bush courtier, to play a more significant role with a direct line to JAB III.

Conservatives, beware of the invisible hand!
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