Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's Not Fitzmas

The Moose will not celebrate the announcement of indictments.

The Moose loathes the politics of the Bushies. During the 2000 campaign they defamed, slandered and slimed their way through the Republican primaries. After 9/11, when this President had the unique opportunity to unite the nation, he instead relentlessly continued to pursue the politics of polarization and division. Karl Rove is a particularly toxic force who represents the worst in the public arena.

Having stipulated his distaste for the Bushies, the Moose will not be as jubilant as some if Mr. Fitzgerald announces indictments, even if one of his targets is Rove (in truth, the Moose will then enjoy some schadenfreude). But, it will be a sad day for America. If Administration officials violated the law it will further weaken trust in our public institutions. Cynicism will be the victor.

Whatever one's views on the wisdom of the war, it was not the result of a neo-con cabal exploiting forged Italian documents on behalf of a foreign power as some have insinuated. Democratic and Republican Presidents saw Saddam as a threat to Middle East stability. Democratic and Republican Presidents thought Saddam possessed or was seeking to obtain weapons of mass destruction. And Democrats and Republicans believed we could not risk Saddam remaining in power in a post 9/11 world.

Agree or disagree with the judgment to go to war, it was not the result of an Oliver Stone-like conspiracy. And it's hard to believe that a CIA operative was all that concerned about her identity being revealed and overseas contacts compromised when she and her husband posed for a photo spread in Vanity Fair.

Indictments and then convictions will mean that this Administration, like too many that came before it, has violated a sacred public trust. If officials are charged with criminal activity, President Bush should, for once, throw away Rove's polarizing political playbook, clean house and engage in coalition governance. This is a highly unlikely scenario, but one can always hope for a miracle.

This could be a bleak week for our nation. Who are the leaders that will reverse this despicable dynamic?
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