Friday, October 28, 2005

The Miers Mishap

The Moose expects that the President will never again betray his lovers.

The Harriet embarrassment will quickly pass. In fact, it may be overcome as soon as today with the Fitzgerald indictments - something more ominous than a mere political mishap. While the Miers withdrawal was an indication of the President's weakness, it was a wise decision. Harriet divided the party and demoralized the base. And even if she was a "moderate", that would not have won her support from Democrats.

Generally speaking, the judicial issues work to the benefit of the right. That is because they highlight the hot button cultural concerns that are the Democrats' weakness and the Republicans' strength. As the Moose has argued in the past, a court smack down over a conservative nominee has the potential to work against Democrats among traditionalist voters - many of whom identify with the party on economic issues.

The Bush Administration needs the enthusiastic support of the right now more than ever as it moves into the upcoming crisis period. That is why they will replace Harriet with a true believer. And the White House wouldn't mind a judicial fight that could be a diversion from their criminal woes.

This President cannot govern from the center. He had his chance after 9/11 and he continued to pursue the politics of polarization. Now, according to the Administration's calculations, there is nothing to be gained by reaching out to the middle other than demoralizing his most fervent supporters. And he painfully learned the lesson that a love affair gone wrong can be very ugly.

The President will win back the right's affections with the next nominee - love will once again be in the air!
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