Friday, October 28, 2005

Play Ball

The Moose reacts to the indictment.

After Fitzgerald's press conference, one is tempted to consult Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig for an interpretation. Even better is the posting by the Moose's colleague, the New Donkey. To continue the baseball metaphor, one gets the sense that this game is going into extra innings.

While the White House may be breathing a sigh of relief that the Fitzgerald did not charge Scooter with the underlying statute and Rove escaped for now, the prosecutor is clearly looking for more in the upcoming trial. More batters will be in the box (or in the dock) in this case. And other major players in this Administration may yet feel the wrath of this tough Brooklyn Umpire.

While others may spin this indictment as being about the war, the Moose views these charges about integrity and honor in government. Five years ago this President pledged to bring honor and dignity to the office. Today, we witnessed yet another example of how this President and this Administration violated that commitment. That is the message that Democrats should convey.

Once again, the politicians in Washington have struck out. Who will clean up this game?
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