Thursday, October 27, 2005

Righties Sweep Bushies

The Moose observes that W. went wimpy.

Bill Kristol 1 George W. Bush 0.

The President caved into the conservative mob. He let down a lady. He capitulated to a bunch of effete right wing intellectuals. He cowered before the eggheads.

In his moment of need, the President will move far rightward with his new nominee. We now know that the indictments are coming and he needs the conservative posse on his side. At the end of the day, W. is as dependent on George F. Will as he once was on Jack Daniels.

This is a profoundly weak President. It is a moment of desperation and the President needs his base energized and not demoralized. He will now throw the base red meat and hope they stick with them in the stormy days ahead.

Apparrently, this President can't hit any better than the Houston Astros.
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