Thursday, October 06, 2005

Those Ivy Snobs

The Moose observes that the President has finally proven that he is a uniter and not a divider.

The President's Supreme Court nomination will likely unite Ted Kennedy and Ann Coulter in the belief that Harriet Miers is not qualified for this job. And there is an emerging bi-partisan and trans-ideological consensus that the White House spin is pathetic.

First, the Bushies have attempted to play the Jesus card. They have trotted out her born again boy friend to establish that she loves the Lord and that she is devout pro-lifer. And if you don't like that line, the Bushies suggest, you are an anti-Christian, secular humanist bigot. As a result of this argument, there is a developing split among the conservatives between the fawning faithful and the reality based conservatives. The latter group, as represented by George Will, is even suggesting that the President is perhaps incapable of serious reflection.

Imagine that!

But perhaps the most ludicrous, if not humorous spin from the Bushies is that Miers is persecuted because she is an alumnus of that illustrious institution - Southern Methodist University - a well known party school for upper-crust kids in Dallas (forgive the Moose's bias). Of course, she likely got the job, because like Laura, Harriet is a Mustang (leading some to label her Mustang Harriet).

The SMU persecution line was peddled by White House Spokesman and Fox News Anchor Brit Hume last night,

"Question: Apart from their aversion to Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court, what do conservative commentators Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, David Frum, Laura Ingraham and George Will (search) have in common?

"The Ivy League, that's what. All except Ingraham and Will went to Harvard. Ingraham went to Dartmouth and Will studied at Princeton, and later, Oxford. Former Justice Department official John Yoo, who wrote in The Washington Post yesterday that President Bush had swung and missed with the Miers nomination, is also a Harvard man.

"Law professor Douglas Kmiec (search), who defended Miers in the Post, went to Northwestern. Prominent Democrat Martin Frost, who has praised Miers, went to the University of Missouri. And Miers herself went to Southern Methodist University."

Please, Mr. Rove you can do better than this! Is Brit suggesting that there is yet another victim class of aggrieved, persecuted Americans - SMU grads?

In truth, the Moose is partial to serious law schools - such as Baylor Law School which graduated such luminaries as Judge Pricilla Owen and Watergate hero Leon Jaworski. Somehow, Mr. Hume, the Moose thinks that Ivy Grads Kristol and Company would not have been disappointed if Baylor Grad Owen (class of '78) would have been nominated for this job.

How about it Brit? The Moose reports, you decide.

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