Friday, October 14, 2005


The Moose asks What Would Harriet Do?

President Bush has finally delivered on his 2000 campaign promise to bring the right and left together. And all it took was a Supreme Court nomination. The right and much of the left agree that Harriet Miers is unqualified for the high court. She is a Hruska-type mediocrity who was selected because she is W's sycophantic, obsequious factotum. This is not about ideology, it is about competence and credentials.

Of course, the nomination has deeply divided the conservatives from the White House. But, that split was coming - some on the honest right were tiring of the crony big government plutocratic ways of the Bushies. And the Administration has only rubbed salt in the wounds of the base by trotting out diversity arguments and charges of sexism. In a supreme irony, the right is now the target of the White House's exploitation of a wedge issue - the faith card.

Brothers and sisters, how does it feel?

The Dobsons, Robertsons and the President and his minions have launched the Crusades on behalf of Holy War Harriet. The right wing elitist, rootless cosmopolitan, pagan, heathen, secular humanist, Straussian, neo-con, elitist, Ivy League, Bavarian Illuminati, Masonic Conspiracy is arrayed against this poor woman who loves the baby Jesus almost as much as she adores the man-child George W. Bush. Clearly, these reality based conservatives have never experienced the full Bushie baptismal immersion in the Crawford Creek as has Holy War Harriet.

Perhaps, the Federalist Society should distribute WWHD bracelets. The first one should be sent to Dr. Dobson and the Ragin' Rogue Reverend Robertson.

The Moose is a constructive mammal. He urges the elephants among his readers to rush (as in limbaugh) over to this site and sign the petition urging the President to withdraw the nomination. The Moose is truly laying down with the elephant!

At some point the Moose might even propose the formation of the Ad-hoc Red Blue Alliance Against the Miers nomination. Maybe, we can get a Kennedy-Brownback working group in the Judiciary Committee and a Coburn-Boxer alliance on the Senate floor. Ralph Neas and Gary Bauer might have found a common cause.

However, it would premature for Democrats to oppose Miers - conservatives are doing one heck of a job on their own! It may even be in the political interest of the donkey to support Miers to guarantee that she passes with a majority of Democratic votes - it will ensure the long-term divide between the base and the White House.

Since Harriet was nominated, the Moose's grazing has been constantly interrupted by calls from distraught conservatives. A usually empathetic Moose has had difficulty mustering much sympathy for the spurned lovers of the right. Back in 2000, it was obvious to many of them that W. was an incurious lightweight. Why should they be surprised that he chose someone for the Court without credentials but who is slavishly sycophantic to him? After all, for most of the past five years, the right has acted as willing supplicants to the Bushies.

For now, the Moose is encouraging the right rebellion - it is highly entertaining and it gives him immense satisfaction.
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