Friday, November 18, 2005

The Dysfunction

The Moose is struck by the collapse of the GOP leadership class.

Republican governance has become ungovernable. That is the thought that animates the Moose's consciousness as he returned from his short sojourn outside the Beltway. The President has lost the confidence of the American people and the once well-oiled GOP Congressional machine is becoming unglued.

President Bush is approaching the LBJ- range where the American people do not trust his each and every word. It does not matter what he says - they are turning him off. While in purely partisan terms that is good news for the Democrats, it is ominous for the nation.

The failures of the President to both admit error and implement a credible victory strategy in Iraq are taking its toll. The genesis of the Administration's problems was on May 1, 2003 when W. took his top gun victory lap. The "bring it on" arrogance doesn't work anymore - neither does the Rovian polarizing play book. That is why it was so counter-productive for the President to exploit Veteran's Day to launch his "Democratic back stabbers" strategy. One does not have to agree with John Murtha's dissent to recognize that it should send a powerful message to the Administration that the "Nixon's the One" assault on the Democrats isn't working.

How can honest hawks fail to acknowledge that the problem does not lie with Democratic doves but rather with an incompetent Administration? Rumsfeld still rules in the Pentagon despite his myriad of errors. Time and time again, this President ignored pleas from supporters of the war that the strategy is flawed. Yet, the plan now is to viciously lash out at the critics.

Wise Democrats, Republicans and Independents must develop an alternative to the politics of polarization. Talking with centrist Texas Democrats this week, the Moose was struck by the longing for a new politics of national unity. Folks don't want Democrat or Republican answers, they want common sense "performance based" approaches. Politicians who realize that will surprise in 06 and 08.

And the Moose dined with an Independent candidate who is addressing the leadership dysfunction - Kinky Friedman - the next Governor of the Lone Star State. The Moose experienced the Vulcan Mind Meld with the Kinkster over the imperative of a politics that transcend the typical partisan divides.

Democrats should certainly fight and oppose the unwise policies of the Bush Administration. But, it is critical that bi-partisan alliances emerge to address the current leadership dysfunction. There is too much time before the next election to allow a leadership vacuum - America cannot wait two to three years to confront both national security threats and serious domestic concerns.

By now it must be apparent to honest Republicans that the President is failing the country. Some few brave voices in the GOP have defied the Administration on issues ranging from torture to the budget. Democrats should welcome these allies.

Put country first.

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