Friday, November 11, 2005

A Veteran's Day

The Moose remembers his favorite veteran.

This year marks the thirtieth veteran's day that the author will be without his father - a member of the greatest generation. Back in '41, his dad had survived the depression, got married and was settling down when duty called. He went into the Army and was shipped out to Europe under the command of a General named Patton.

He fought in the invasion of Sicily. He was there for the liberation of Germany. He was one of the millions of heroes who saved the world from fascism.

The Moose inherited his contrarian gene from his veteran dad. In the days of Viet Nam, he would take him to anti-war demonstrations in Austin (Waco, alas, was not a hot bed of dissent). And he was always willing to take on the big boys.

The Moose misses him - particularly on this Veterans Day. As Americans, we are indebted to the millions who gave so much so that we can live in freedom.

Thanks, dad.
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