Sunday, December 11, 2005


The Moose denounces a despicable ad.

The President should order Republican National Committee to immediately pull down the "white flag" ad against Democrats. It is a low, dishonest attempt to further divide a polarized country. Fortunately, this morning on Meet the Press, Republican Senator Graham, a statesman, also suggested that this ad end.

The Moose has made it clear that that America must achieve success in Iraq. But the divisive politics of this Administration and the GOP have made the effort to achieve national unity on the national security front nearly impossible. Of course, those lefties who suggest that the President lied also put partisanship before country.

As the Moose has repeatedly suggested, we need a Coalition of Adults to transcend the current polarization on national security. The President must put the interest of national security before partisan gain.

Mr. President, call the RNC - 202-863-8500 - and stop this malicious ad.
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