Friday, December 09, 2005

Infantile Disorder

The Moose discusses team politics.

One of the most annoying aspects of Beltway politics is that it is divided into warring tribes - the red and blue tribes. To reflect that state of play, the Moose remembered hearing old Grover utter a variation on the obnoxious nostrum that a particular view was not helpful for our team.

One of the manifold factors that have led to the corruption of the GOP has been the absence of internal debate and criticism within the party. But as JFK said, "sometimes party loyalty asks too much."

Today, there is a proliferation of left-wing Norquist wannabes who are seeking to cleanse the Democratic Party of its heretics. Left-wing Norquistism - an infantile disorder.

When the Moose was an elephant, he often irritated the right wing commissars. Now, that he is working with the donkey, the left wing politburo objects to his perspective. So be it. From his up close and personal experience, the strident voices on the left and right have more in common than they realize. Two sides of the same coin in the currency of extremism.

The Moose has observed a highly-refined and well-heeled woman who effortlessly, without a huff or a puff, made the seamless transition from Belle of the Beltway Right to Her Highness of the Hollywood Left. Today, she denounces Democrat deviationists while yesterday she condemned Republican deviationists. It is the same mindset whether you are among the conservative pooh-bahs in D.C. or the left-wing glitterati in Hollywood Hills.

Don't misinterpret the Moose - productive partisanship is necessary and it keeps the politicians honest. But sometimes, partisanship should truly stop at the water's edge.

The Moose has been highly critical of the Administration's prosecution of the Iraq war. However, ultimately it is critical that America achieve some level of success in that country. Democratic and Republican teams should be able to agree on this proposition. Yes, we have made many errors in this mission - however there remains a chance we help Iraqis achieve what no other Arab people enjoy - democratic freedoms.

This country should not have to apologize for the removal of one of the most barbarous tyrants in the world. And next week, brave Iraqis will brave death squads to vote in a democratic election.

Needless to say, those events are not commonplace in that part of the world. And whatever one's views on the war, we should celebrate this achievement. The Moose might even paint his antlers purple in solidarity.

Yes, continue the criticism of this Administration's handling of the war. Democrats must hold them accountable, because certainly there is no appetite for accountability in the GOP. Joe Biden, for example, has been a model of a Democrat who has been both critical of the Administration and supportive the goal of a democratic Iraq. And, of course, the Moose's dream team of McCain and Lieberman has always put the nation's interests first.

At the end of the day, let's be on democracy's team.
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