Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lonely Hearts Club

The Moose muses on the fate of Captain Corruption.

The announcement that Tom DeLay's trial on the money laundering charge is moving forward seals the fate of the former Majority Leader. He cannot take much solace in that the conspiracy charge was dropped. That is because it is becoming increasingly clear that he is being dropped by his comrades. They have enough problems on their hands without keeping him as their leader.

The popularity of the House is lower than that of some serial killers. The teary confession of Congressman Cunningham was yet another symbol of an institution that has gone awry.

But, most smart GOPers are not really worried about the Texas prosecution of DeLay. What does concern them is what federal investigators in the Abramoff case have up their sleeve. The Moose has been observing the Abramoff matter for the past ten years. It all began with right- wing four-star junkets to the Marianas to view the pleasures of sweat shops. It morphed into the Indian gaming scandal. And it involves not just Republican members of Congress and even some Democrats, but a good part of the conservative establishment.

But Captain Corruption has not been abandoned by everyone. Yesterday, the Veep came to his aid. The New York Times,

"The political stakes were underscored with the arrival in Houston on Monday afternoon of Vice President Dick Cheney, who appeared with Mr. DeLay at a previously scheduled political fund-raiser. The event was closed to reporters. Several hundred protesters jeered outside the fund-raiser, held at the Westin Oaks in the Galleria shopping mall."

This is moment that is truly rich with irony. The hugely unpopular Veep raising money and the spirits of the truly unpopular ex-Majority Leader. This Lonely Hearts Club is a tribute to the notion that misery loves company.

Soon, the Vice President may become the chief bail bondsman of the Administration.
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