Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mirror Images

The Moose ruminates a bit more on the similarities between the right and the left.

Much is made of the political polarization in America. We are divided into right and left and red and blue. However, it has long been the Moose's view that most Americans are political hybrids - they are conservatives on some issues, liberals on others and fall into the middle on most. However, both parties usually play to their respective bases.

The left and the right have more in common than is commonly recognized. They are both populated by those who Eric Hoffer described as true believers who inhabit a cozy world of political certainty. The right and the left are on constant guard for political heresy and correctness. They loathe the perceived heretic in their midst more than their political adversary. Some can make the transition from right to left effortlessly because they are so much alike.

When the Moose was blogging from the "Republican" side, he was the recipient of the loathing of the right - now he receive the same from the "Democratic" side. That is fine and he wears their opprobrium as a badge of honor.

It is striking, however, how the Moose feels that sometimes he inhabits a parallel universe. A few years ago, some on the right used to direct their rage toward Senator McCain the same way the left today focuses their ire on Senator Lieberman. When Lieberman takes a principled stand on Iraq or when McCain stakes out a courageous position on torture, the fever swamps of the left and the right come alive. Neither extreme can tolerate true statesmen of conscience who put country before party.

On the Moose's calendar, every day is McCain and Lieberman appreciation day! God Bless America for producing such leaders of integrity and character.

A few years back, some on the right wanted Bill Clinton to lose in Kosovo more than they wanted America to win. When President Clinton attacked Iraq or went after Osama, the right viewed it as a "wag the dog" conspiracy or a nefarious plot to serve his own personal ends. That is the way it is today with some on the left in regard to Iraq. Their rage towards this President knows no limits. They cannot even take a pause to celebrate the third time in a year that an Arab nation has exercised democratic rights.

Politically speaking, the American people will never select a party to lead them that appears infected with a Tourettes like rage. They will always opt for strength and optimism over weakness and pessimism. Think FDR,Truman and JFK.

The Moose has many differences with the President - both with his domestic plutocratic policies and his Administration's incompetent prosecution of the war. But, President Bush will be Commander in Chief for three more years and he wishes him success in the achievement of our nation's national security objectives. That was this author's view when Clinton was President and so it is today.

In a certain way, America is truly united. The ideologues of the left and the right are co-dependent - they need each other.

And in the Moose's humble opinion - they deserve each other.
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