Monday, December 05, 2005


The Moose makes an observation about a Director's comment.

Much is being made about Steven Speilberg's new movie "Munich" concerning the Israeli retaliation against the Palestinian terrorist slaughter of athletes at the 1972 Olympic games. The movie receives the cover treatment in Time magazine.

Of course, it is impossible to comment on a movie that one has not seen. According to reports by those who have viewed it, the movie addresses the moral dilemmas concerning revenge and retaliation. Surely we should wrestle with these questions - however there is also the issue of justice. If we succumb to evil, we do not serve humanity.

Again, the Moose will wait until he sees the movie to cast judgment. However, this comment by Mr. Speilberg in the Washington Post gives the Moose pause,

"Director Steven Spielberg says his new film "Munich," the story of Israel's revenge for the killing of its athletes by Palestinian guerrillas at the 1972 Olympics, is "a prayer for peace," Time magazine reports. "Somewhere inside all this intransigence there has to be a prayer for peace," Spielberg said, "because the biggest enemy is not the Palestinians or the Israelis. The biggest enemy in the region is intransigence."

No, the enemy of peace is not "intransigence" by "both sides." Over the past years, Israel has made concession after concession with the response of continued Palestinian terror. Israel recently unilaterally withdrew from Gaza and this is the latest from Israel,

"Four people were killed and 66 were wounded - three seriously - in an explosion that rocked the entrance to the Hasharon shopping mall on Herzl Street in Netanya at 11:25 a.m. Monday morning. Another person died on the operating table at Laniado Hospital in Kfar Saba.

"The Islamic Jihad took responsibility for the attack in a phone call to Palestinian journalists, identifying the bomber as Lutfi Amin Abu Salem, a resident of the northern West Bank village of Kafr Rai, located between the towns of Jenin and Tulkarm."

No, the enemy is not "intransigence" ,but rather visceral hatred generated by Jihadist extremism. To this day, unbridled hatred of Israelis is taught in Palestinian schools. Sharon has taken genuine physical and political risks for peace. It is time that Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas actually cracks down on extremists in his midst.

In the meantime, we should be spared the "pox on both of your houses" pronouncements from Hollywood. "Munich" does not just refer to a terrorist event in 1972, but it also represents appeasement with evil in the 1930's.
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