Thursday, December 01, 2005

Opportunity Lost

The Moose continues to wonder what Rummy has on W?

The President's Iraq speech was lacking credibility because of a presence in the audience. The Moose is referring to the Secretary of Defense.

The speech was an attempt to address the concerns of the critics that the Administration lacked a plan for success. The President made some headway by outlining a more specific outline for a transition to Iraqi control over security. In fact, his plan reflected some of the proposals that have been offered by Democrats, among others. The President even hinted that, God forbid, his Administration might have committed some errors in the occupation.

However, an opportunity was lost when the President failed to make it an accountability moment by changing personnel. It appears that this Administration only applies standards to elementary school students and welfare mothers. Otherwise, the President leaves no incompetent Secretary of Defense behind.

From the very beginning, Rummy refused to permit an increase in troop levels, failed to provide adequate armor for the soldiers and was negligent in changing course when the plan wasn't working. Yet, he is the one who is suppose to implement the "plan for victory" - a reason to be somewhat skeptical.

If the President missed an opportunity, Democrats fell into a trap. While W. was talking about victory, the leader of the House Democrats is embracing a plan that is tantamount to acknowledging defeat. By embracing the Murtha proposal for a precipitous pull out, Congresswoman Pelosi did a favor for the GOP. Sometimes the Moose wonders whether Karl Rove controls both parties. Despite the public's increasing doubts about this war, Americans will not likely support a party that guarantees a massive defeat for American foreign policy.

Fortunately, the #2 House Democrat does not share the views of the #1. Steny Hoyer issued this statement,

"I believe that a precipitous withdrawal of American forces in Iraq could lead to disaster, spawning a civil war, fostering a haven for terrorists and damaging our nation's security and credibility."

On the good news front, Mooseketeers can take some solace in that the Coalition of Adults is forming in Israel. Former Labor leader Simon Peres announced that he joining Prime Minister Sharon in his new centrist party. Somewhere, statesmen can put the national interest before narrow petty partisan interests.

The Moose is deeply envious.
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