Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Abramoff Seizure Syndrome

An empathetic Moose has declared today as "Hug an Elephant day."

This may be a very stressful and traumatic twenty-four hours for many a D.C. Republican. It appears that old Casino Jack Abramoff could agree to a plea deal and flip on his former comrades. If he starts singing, a lot of righteous right wingers could be in deep, deep, doo-doo.

You will be able to see the stress on the faces of the Republicans as wander nervously on the Hill and speak softly to one another of their misdeeds on behalf of Jack. "All of this tsouris for a junket to the Marianas" they will wail! After all, what's a few hundred grand between friends?These Republicans have been stricken with Abramoff Seizure Syndrome.

The symptoms of this Syndrome are belated contrition, heart palpitations and nervous sweats. They suddenly lose their appetite while dining at the Capital Grille when a federal attorney appears. They suffer from a sudden loss of memory that they ever had any dealings with the Casino Jack or his powerful pal, the Bugman.

The Moose is a kinder and gentler mammal. He feels the pain of his former comrades. A decade ago, everything was possible - smaller government, smash the state, all power to the people! And it has all come crashing down at a skybox at the MCI Center. Woe is they!

So, if you see a elephant today - give them a hug - they're going to need it if Jack is singing to the feds! The halls of the Hill are alive with music!
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