Friday, January 13, 2006

Confirmation Irony

The Moose reflects on the great confirmation irony.

As a result of the haplessness of the Democrats and the effective evasiveness of the nominee, Sam Alito will be confirmed. He should send a thank you note to the donkeys on the Judiciary Committee for their persistent assistance in his confirmation.

A few months ago, the political class thought there was going to be an Armageddon-like battle over the Supreme Court vacancy. Truth be told, that was the view of the Moose. Instead, it appears that two conservative jurists will be confirmed with hardly breaking a sweat.

But, when we learned that there would be two vacancies on the Court, who would have thought that one nominee would be torpedoed by the right! That fact is a genuine testimony to the ineffectiveness of the liberal special interest groups.

Maybe, Democrats can learn from that experience and not be so reliant on direction from that quarter in the future.
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