Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Decalogue Training

The Moose fears that the righteous ones have lost their religion.

Oh, ye of little faith. It appears that the Bible Believers are about to have the book thrown at them - and it's not the good book. Casino Jack, who previously might have consulted the Talmud to justify his role as a gonif with the Indian Tribes, will have plenty of prison time to read the Talmudic commentaries to discover how he went wrong.

Meanwhile, Righteous Ralph Reed has yet to have a "Come to Jesus" moment about his role in the Abramoff rip-off. Of course, Brother Ralph claims that he was only the piano player in the Abramoff bordello. The Moose, however, begs to differ. From his personal experience, the Moose knows that Brother Ralph is both a very savvy sinner and he was extremely close to Casino Jack from back in the days when they were idealistic revolutionaries. It is only a matter of time that Ralph will have to get right with the Lord.

And Parishioner Tom DeLay must have realized that he was sinning in River City. And we all know that the Good Lord has touched the Bugman's heart. What can explain his wayward ways?

The Moose suggests that the Brothers in the Lord have rejected several admonitions in the Decalogue. Although it may offend some church-state absolutists, the Moose recommends a crash Decalogue program in D.C. Post them everywhere. Mandatory ten commandment training for all Members, staff, and lobbyists! Forget about "reform" legislation - enforce the Ten Commandments!

This may sound extreme - but clearly we must wash the stain of Satan away from the nation's capital. And will someone please say, Amen!
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