Monday, January 23, 2006

The Do-overs

The Moose seeks a great debate.

Two former elected officials are seeking to remake themselves in order to run for President of the United States. They both probably have a photo of the patron saint of political do-overs, Richard Nixon, on their night stands. They should debate each other.

The first is Al Gore. He is remaking himself as the tribune of the left and the heart-throb of the netroots. This once centrist New Democrat is attempting to recreate himself as the second coming combination of William Jennings Bryan and Henry Wallace. His speech the other day about the impending end of the republic set the lefties into an orgasm of ecstasy.

Run Al, run.

The other re-make is brother Newt. He is running as a born-again reformer who is seeking to reverse the betrayal of his revolution. In his second coming, the Newster is resolutely bi-partisan and opposed to the "politics of destruction". Now, that's chutzpah for you.

Run, Newt, run.

Neither politician is the Moose's cup of tea, but they are both men of ideas who can speak to their respective bases. They are both cutting edge thinkers about technology and the future. They should display their wares for us all in a clash of the would be titans.

The Moose proposes a series of debates between Al and Newt. The first one would focus on the topic, "The greatest threat to America is ..."

It would not exactly be Lincoln and Douglas, but it could be entertaining if not enlightening.
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