Thursday, January 05, 2006

Don't Go There

The Moose condemns bi-partisan comity.

Well, not exactly. As Mooseketeers know, this mammal is generally strongly supportive of Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives coming together in constructive dialog. We need more de-polarization across party and ideological lines.

With one exception.

Yesterday, Al Gore made a presentation at Grover Norquist's infamous Wednesday Breakfast group. The Moose applauds Vice President Gore for his visionary work on global warming. And he is impressed that he is reaching out to potentially hostile conservative audiences with his message.

However, it is unfortunate that the Vice President would give legitimacy to Grover's group. The Moose has a little history with that function. He vividly recalls in the mid-nineties when Abramoff's clients would display their wares at the Wednesday confab. It was at that place where the conservative movement was distorted with the convergence of money and power. It reflects the worst combination of K Street and DeLayism.

For the record, Grover's meeting is the perhaps the most over-rated event in the nation's capital. It is primarily a right wing and K Street show and tell noshfest for lobbyists and functionaries. Little is done or accomplished other than contributing to global warming with hot air and the deforestation of America with the distribution of endless right wing broadsides.

On a related matter, the Moose is deeply disturbed that some of the conservative faithful are abandoning the Bug Man at his time of need. It was only a few short months ago, that the right wing rallied in a massive dinner saluting Tom DeLay as their leader. Now, they are headed for
for the tall grass when it is getting hot for Casino Jack's golfing buddy. Deeply distressing!

With the forthcoming Abramoff confession, maybe the next major cause of conservatism will soon be the Prison Ministry. Perhaps, Charles Colson will be a staple at future Grover Wednesday confabs. As a convenience, future Wednesday get-togethers could be held in the waiting room at the Federal Court House.

There are plenty of fine conservative venues at which the Vice President could have brought his message. Grover's place is not one of them.

Now, back to bi-partisan harmony...
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