Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Don't Read This

In a "Swiftian" spirit, the Moose urges politicians to completely ignore the blogosphere.

The blogs are sometimes informative, usually entertaining and almost always - with a few exceptions - predictable partisan bile. As a blogger himself, the Moose has a vested interest in the medium, but he does not worship at the altar of his mouse.

The Moose previously wrote,

"... it is a delusion to believe that the blogosphere is representative of anything but the hundreds of thousands of scribblers that join in this marvelous medium and the few millions of good folks who read it. The Moose is always struck by how few people actually read a blog or even are familiar with their existence - even those who are politically active.

...The blogosphere is generally an ideological hothouse that does not reflect the everyday thoughts of Americans. In that way, it is much like talk radio."

Politicians should only pay attention to the bloggers with the understanding that they usually represent the most fevered and extreme elements of their base. Particularly Democratic politicians should largely ignore them. Democrats need less preaching to the choir and more persuasion and conversion of those who have left the flock or belong to another congregation.

To take a random example, the last thing in the world a Democratic leader should do is to attend a convention of blog readers (that would apply to an assembly of Mooseketeers, as well) - they should use their precious time speaking to VFW conventions, sermonizing at mega-churches and attending NASCAR races. Democrats are a minority party and they must evangelize and proselytize and not pander to the zealots among their flock.

Republicans became the majority party by preaching to non-traditional GOP groups. Democratic leaders should follow that example.

And don't pay too much attention to those of us who pound on keyboards.

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