Monday, January 16, 2006

Glory, Glory Hallelujah

The Moose makes much over a little movie.

Today, we honor Dr. King's life and contribution to our nation. On this weekend of remembrance, it is fitting that the movie, Glory Road, was released. As the Moose has previously written, the movie tells the tale of the national champion basketball Texas Western team of 1966. What was noteworthy about that team was that it was the first to have all African American starting line-up.

The movie exceeded all of the Moose's expectations. Yes, all of the sports cliches and conventional story lines were there. That was fine. But what really mattered was the vivid and poignant portrayal of how the team confronted and overcame the horrific racial discrimination of the time. And this is a movie that all children should see - to instruct them about history, but also about the values of determination and the courage to overcome evil.

Let us salute the profound Americanism of Dr. King. And if you get a chance, go see Glory Road. If you can, take a young person along. It will do them good.
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