Monday, January 30, 2006

Grape-flavored Kool Aid

The Moose observes that the primary differences between a day care center and the Senate Democratic caucus are playground monitors.

Here's a useful rule of thumb when judging the political effectiveness of a nomination fight - have you come off worse than the nominee? And in the case of Alito, this is not even a close call. The Democratic opposition presented themselves as badgering, bloviating, politically correct, elitist, unattractive obstructionists. And the nominee comes off smelling like roses.

Atta boy, guys and gals! Way to go! Bravo! Hit em again, hit 'em again, harder, harder!

Of course, the crowning grace was to launch a filibuster on the slopes of Davos. And the one time nominee of the once proud Democratic Party goes blogging on a left wing site that his campaign once rejected as being outside the mainstream for repulsive remarks about Americans murdered by terrorists in Iraq.

Then, the Democratic leader followed the former nominee's lead as did aspiring future nominees. No doubt their Democratic colleagues in such states as North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska are grateful for the assist. It's as if these filibustering salons live on another planet in a distant galaxy inhabited entirely by left wing high dollar donors, bloggers and lobbyists from People for the American Way.

In fact, yesterday two very esteemed and worthy Democratic Senators went on Sunday shows that the filibuster is a bad idea but they must vote for it. It was an implicit plea for help - stop me before I filibuster again!

The cloture vote coupled with the confirmation vote will hand the President two, count'em two victories on the eve of his State of the Union address. Great going guys and gals!

America hasn't witnessed such a breathtaking instinct for political suicide since Jim Jones urged his followers to partake of the grape flavored Kool Aid. The deeper existential question is why are President Bush and Karl Rove so fortunate to have these political adversaries?

The vexing problem that was on full display in the Alito nomination is that the Party of Howard Dean appears completely hostage to left wing special interest groups and hyperbolic bloggers. Have the Democrats learned absolutely nothing from defeat?

There is a great need for a serious alternative to the plutocratic policies of the elephant. Right now, the donkey isn't it. The Democratic Party is severe need of an intervention by a crack team of Viennese psychiatrists to treat the outbreak of Bush Tourettes Syndrome (BTS).

Once again, we are reminded of the axiom that the only force that can save the Republican Party is the Democratic Party. The GOP's popularity is plummeting and the only solace that they can derive from the current political situation is the nature of their adversaries.

Strong memo to follow.
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