Friday, January 27, 2006

The One!

The Moose asks what do Arianna Huffington, Marty Peretz and Larry David have in common?

Gore's the One!

Nixon is back! Well not really, the Moose is referring to the comeback of Al Gore, the Democrat's version of the Phoenix-like Republican of '68. The remake of the former Veep is in overdrive. The lefties realize that Al is their true heart-throb.

No doubt, the Veep is reading Six Crises and consulting with the Old Nixon men. Like Tricky Dick, Al can wave the "Bloody Shirt" of a stolen election. And after eight years in the wilderness, Gore can mobilize the base because he has been "right" on everything dear to the left.

Just this week he was the star of the glitterati at Sundance. From yesterday's Washington Post,

"The morning after his debut as leading man, Gore pronounces this whole Sundance thing "a most excellent time." He is wearing earth tones again. He seems jolly . He brought Tipper and the kids. He is attending parties and posing for pictures with his fans and enjoying macaroni and cheese at the Discovery Channel soiree. He's palling around with Larry David of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," who says, "Al is a funny guy." But he is also a very serious guy who believes humans may have only 10 years left to save the planet from turning into a total frying pan."

When Larry David thinks Al Gore is a funny guy something's funny happening! Larry, curb your enthusiasm!

And last week, the lefties were swooning over the New Gore as he denounced the Administration's eavesdropping program as the virtual end of the Republic. He is a Move On regular as he denounces everything from the Iraq War to the Patriot Act.

And he has the ultimate electability argument - he won a Presidential election!

Gore's the One!

If you, dear reader, continue to doubt that Gore is on the move, read this piece in the New York Observer which demonstrates the range of his support - from Arianna H. to Marty P.

"And in some circles, Mr. Gore suddenly appears not just possible but unavoidable. In the new mix of power, money and ideology organized around Ms. David and Arianna Huffington in Los Angeles, in the burgeoning liberal blogosphere and among some of the former Vice President's old friends, Mr. Gore appears the only alternative to Hillary Clinton. That is rich with irony -more than a decade ago, Mrs. Clinton was Mr. Gore's foil in the internal squabbles of the Clinton White House...

"Mr. Peretz said didn't think Mr. Gore has decided whether or not to run for President again, though he could see The New Republic-despite its differences on the war -becoming a "Gore Democrat" organ again."

The Moose has no insider insight, but he senses a groundswell of support building for the New Nixon - that is, the New Gore. The momentum may be unstoppable. There could soon be a new Democratic frontrunner. Don't misunderstand the Moose - he thinks that Gore would be a disaster for the donkey. But, there is an unmistakable pull in the party toward the port side. Filibusters are being hatched in Davos, and the inmates have taken over the asylum.

And for them - Gore's the One!
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