Friday, January 27, 2006


The Moose reflects on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The Jew haters are on the march. Hamas, the Palestinian Islamo-fascist organization, has scored an important triumph. One can attempt to sugar coat the organization as a social service group that is fighting corruption. But its core is a terrorist organization theologically committed to the elimination of the Jewish State.

Since the beginning of the Oslo process, Israel has compromised and compromised and the net result has been the further descent of the Palestinian masses into fascism. The core problem is that a cultural transformation must accompany a democratic one. When Palestinian children are routinely taught hate, ballots become superfluous to the establishment of a civil society. Remember, these were the same folks who rejoiced in the West Bank streets when the Twin Towers fell. And the rest of the world has only encouraged the Palestinian refusal to change their culture by showering them with money over the past decade.

Now, Jew haters are in firmly in control of the Palestinian Authority. Wise foreign policy thinkers will attempt to think this fact away. But evil is often rationalized away. Another lesson of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Back in the thirties, a fascist thug spoke of his plans to kill Jews. No one took him seriously. He was dismissed as a crank. Later in the decade, thoughtful diplomats thought he could be appeased. No one wanted another war. It must be avoided at all costs.

Seven decades later, a Islamo-fascist thug speaks of his plans to kill Jews. Many do not take him seriously. He is dismissed as a crank. Perhaps, he can be appeased with "peaceful" nuclear expertise from Russia. No one wants another war. It must be avoided at all costs.

However, this time the Jew hating thug may soon obtain the ultimate weapon that makes him untouchable. Has the world learned anything?

Never Again.
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