Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Big Story

The Moose suggests that the big story was missed.

February 13, 2006 - what will that day be known for? If one judges by the press attention, the headline news was that the Vice President accidentally shot someone. Yes indeed, the White House failed to timely notify the public about the incident. Breaking news - Cheney is secretive! End of story.

The story of the day that should have been the talk of the nation, and indeed the world was the one that hardly received a mention - it was buried in the back pages - Iran is one step closer to possessing a nuclear weapon. The Washington Post,

"PARIS, Feb. 13 -- Iran reportedly has begun small-scale uranium enrichment, an initial step in the long process toward making civilian fuel or nuclear weapons, according to Western diplomats pushing for international action against Tehran."

The world will soon forget the Cheney hunting accident. Unfortunately, the Iranian Hitler making steady and uninterrupted progress toward the objective of obtaining a nuclear weapon which may long influence world history. However, it is perhaps asking too much of the media to focus on the fact that a terrorist state once again defied civilized nations in its effort to obtain weapons to intimidate the West and perhaps eliminate a nation.

The Moose is not a press-basher - they generally do their difficult job well. But lately, they have mostly abdicated their responsibility. Out of intimidation or political correctness, they have succumbed to the mob and refused to publish the cartoons that are the center of an international controversy. And yesterday, they missed the big story because they were in a narcissistic snit as the result of being stiffed..

But, the Iranians hope to stiff the world - and that rogue nation came a step closer to make that a reality but hardly anyone would know.
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