Friday, February 24, 2006

The Connection

The Moose observes that we are in the midst of a Jihadist offensive.

The bombing of the Askariya Shiite Shrine is another indication of the world-wide Jihadist offensive against the West. From the cartoon jihad to the Hamas victory to the Iranian effort to obtain nuclear weapons to the attempt by Al Qaeda to foment an Iraqi civil war - our enemy is taking the initiative. And the West is on its heels.

Although there may not seem to be a clear connection between these events - there clearly is. This is, in part, a clash of civilizations - Huntington was right. However, this variant of Islamist extremism is more of a clash against civilization.

Lately, the Moose feels a bit like Whittaker Chambers. Although he has confidence that the West will prevail in the fight against Jihadism, he is concerned whether our elites understand the nature of the challenge. The President has not put the country on a war footing - for instance, he has refused to take serious steps against Middle-East oil dependency. He began his second term with the wasted priority of social security privatization. And he has failed to stand unambiguously with Denmark against the mob.

Meanwhile, the left only seeks to score partisan points against the Administration. Democrats have yet to demonstrate that they truly believe that we are engaged in a long twilight struggle against a Jihadist foe. And the latest focus on the Dubai port deal underscores the banality of the discourse.

We have been fortunate not to suffer another attack on the Homeland after 9/11. That is a tribute to our military-intelligence efforts to thwart our foe. Yet, even this triumph is being undermined by the assault on our intelligence activities. Hopefully, we will not be forced to suffer another attack to once again achieve the national unity that is needed in this war.

Many mistakes have been made since 9/11. But at the end of the day, we should recognize that we are all Americans and part of the West that is under assault by a truly evil foe. Our bravest are on the front lines in this war. The least we can do at home is to demonstrate some moral seriousness that the moment demands.

Get serious.
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