Monday, February 13, 2006

The Liberal Standard

The Moose suggests that the conservative Weekly Standard is defending liberalism.

Much of the press in America and Great Britain has been cowardly when it comes to the cartoon jihad (an exception in the U.S. has been the Philadelphia Inquirer). In the past, the media has not been reluctant to print anti-Christian and anti-Jewish material when they determine it newsworthy. Indeed, some liberal publications have even endorsed government funded anti-religious expression if it involves an anti-Christian theme. However, now it does not want to offend the oh so delicate sensibilities of the Muslim World.

Radical Islam has been accorded a special status. The rioting Islamo-fascists have won a victory by intimidating the West. Surely, no one should ever go out of their way to offend. But, freedom of expression a central component of Western liberty and liberalism, and it is under attack by an extremist mob. We are all Danish.

One American publication is standing up for liberalism - the conservative Weekly Standard. In the current edition, editor Bill Kristol courageously reprints the controversial page from the Danish publication here.

Kristol makes this critical point,

"This is a moment of truth in the global struggle against Islamic extremism. Will Hamas succeed in creating a terror state on the West Bank? Will a terror-sponsoring Iranian regime succeed in its quest for nuclear weapons? Will Danish imams succeed in intimidating Europe--or the free world as a whole?

"With respect to Hamas, Iran, and the cartoons, the response of Western leaders hasn't been particularly encouraging--with the notable exception of Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen of Denmark. Robert Frost said of liberals that they're incapable of taking their own side in a fight. We will see how deeply a degenerate form of liberalism has penetrated our souls. Will we anguish? Or will we fight?"

The conservative Standard has taken a position that should be embraced by all publications that treasure the liberal tenet of freedom. Liberals and conservatives have much to disagree about - but not this. There is a clear and present danger to roll back the frontier of liberty.

Will liberals defend liberalism?
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