Wednesday, February 08, 2006

No Refuge

The Moose observes that there is no safe haven from political polarization.

The Coretta Scott King's funeral was a moving tribute to a great American. However, it was marred by the inappropriate and disgraceful intrusion of partisan politics. It was particularly irresponsible and graceless that a former President exploited the occasion to attack a sitting President.

President Carter has performed laudable humanitarian work in his post White House years. However, this was not one of his finest moments. It was a mean, petty performance unworthy of the office he once held. President Carter spoke as if he were an embittered diarist on a well-known left wing blog site.

What is deeply distressing is that the King funeral should have been a rare demonstration of national reconciliation and healing. It was a moment for a nation to mourn a patriot's passing and to celebrate the great contribution that she and her husband made to this nation. Instead, it will be remembered, in part, as just another episode in the increased political polarization in America.

It is hard to believe that Americans are not tiring of the cheap shots and political gamesmanship. If even a former President of the United States cannot restrain himself from misbehaving at a funeral in order to satisfy a partisan urge, what can we expect of the rest of our political class?

Democrats, in particular, must find a way to come to grips with their unrestrained Bush rage. A few years ago Republicans were similarly consumed by Clinton rage. A decent modicum of respect for the Office and the moment is in order. And a funeral is not a place to make partisan political points.

Sometimes, just sometimes, partisanship should be avoided and shunned.
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