Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Punch Drunk and Tone Deaf

The Moose observes that the Administration appears nearly down for the count.

After a week of battering on the Cheney shoot-out, the Bushies enter this week on the defensive on the Dubai port purchase. While the Cheney incident was largely silly, port-gate should be a concern to the GOP.

The optics of this purchase may be worse than the substance. At the end of the day, American security will be in charge of supervising the ports. However, therein lies the problem. What this controversy sheds a light on is the over-all lax port security in America.

As a result of port-gate, the Administration is playing defense on its purported strength - national security. Democrats have been handed an opportunity to appear to the right of the Administration on the issue where traditionally they have appeared weak. In fact, the left and right are united against the port deal. This is a debacle that can bring together Ann Coulter and Arianna Huffington.

This controversy could not have arrived at a worse time for the Administration. Not only are the President's and the Vice President's popularity at all time lows, the Administration is on the defensive on a range of national security issues - Iran, Iraq, Hamas and the cartoon jihad. The current hapless nature of the Administration is of deep concern in light of the profound national security challenges that are immediate and seemingly getting worse.

Can the Bushies get off the mat - or are they headed for a technical knock-out?
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