Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Gore Imperative

The Moose predicts that it is only a matter of time for the Draft Al movement to begin.

There is a huge vacuum in the Democratic Party and only the former Veep can fill it. The donkey has a big itch and only Al can scratch it.

The Moose read the big Mark Warner piece in the New York Times Magazine and what occurred to him that there is little room to Hillary's right in the Democratic Party. Hillary has ably claimed the center for herself. The difficulty for Warner is how to appease the part of the party's left that desires an alternative to Hillary. That won't be so easy.

This anecdote from the Times piece caught the Moose's attention,

"Warner may have glimpsed a piece of his future when he attended a dinner of wealthy Democrats last summer at the Bay Area home of Mark Buell and his wife, Susie Tompkins Buell, well-connected contributors and close friends of the Clintons. Warner made some introductory comments about "the Virginia story," but the first several questions were not about taxes or schools or health care, but about gay marriage (which he's against), the death penalty (which he's for) and abortion (he's in favor of parental notification but vetoed a bill banning all late-term abortions). Warner thought his liberal guests would be interested in his policies to improve Virginia schools and raise the standard of living in rural areas; instead, it seemed to him, they thought that they understood poverty and race in an intellectual way that he, as a red-state governor, could not. Like a lot of politicians, Warner can be snappish when he feels he isn't being heard, and the dialogue quickly grew testy.

At the end of the evening, according to people who were there, as some of the guests walked Warner to his car, one woman vowed to educate him on abortion rights. That was all he could take. "This is why America hates Democrats," a frustrated Warner blurted out before driving away. (Still piqued a month later, Warner, speaking to The Los Angeles Times, summarized the attitude of the assembled guests about their plans to save the country: "You little Virginia Democrat, how can you understand the great opportunities we have?")"

Mark Warner is an able politician who could probably do quite well in a general election. However, he is admirably repelled by knee-jerk liberalism. That positive trait is likely a show stopper for the hard core donor and activist class of the party who yearns for the real deal.

And who that might be? Al Gore, of course - the anti-Hillary who opposed both the war from the start and the Patriot Act. Yes, Feingold took the same stances, but he never won a Presidential popular vote.

Parenthetically, Karl Rove couldn't have scheduled the Feingold censure resolution any better. At a time when the Democrats had seized a national security issue, a donkey came to the elephant's rescue with a dramatic over-reach. The right couldn't have been more gleeful with the prospects of a show-down on the resolution. Fox and talk radio were promoting it non-stop.

When will the lefties learn? However, the Feingold resolution perhaps presages what will happen if the Democrats regain Congress.

Returning to the subject at hand, Gore is preoccupied now with promoting his global warming movie and his has denied any Presidential ambitions. Whatever. Expect a "grass roots" draft movement to emerge that will "pressure" a reluctant Gore to enter the race. Anticipate that the Hollywood crowd and the blogosphere will not to be able to restrain themselves in embracing the Second Coming of the Messiah of the left wing illuminati.

It is unfathomable that the left will find itself unrepresented by a major candidate in the '08 race. Perhaps, Feingold or a newly minted lefty John Edwards will fill the bill. However, the Moose thinks that the lefties will not be satisfied with near beer.

They want the old time religion preached by Reverend Al (Gore, that is).
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