Wednesday, April 26, 2006


The Moose observes that 43 is looking a lot like 39.

There is no greater insult in Republican/conservative circles that being compared to Jimmy Carter. It translates into hapless, feckless, ineffectual and motivated by intention rather than results.

Last night, the Moose heard Fred Barnes, one of the President's most stalwart defenders, liken President Bush's energy speech to something that could be given by President Carter. Ouch! It doesn't get any worse than that.One expects that W. will soon address the country in a cardigan and lament the nation's malaise.

The Administration's gas problem hasn't yet reached the genuine crisis of the '70s when there were actually lines at the pump. However, Iran is holding us hostage with her nuclear ambitions. And Republicans are lining up to express their dissatisfaction with the course of the Administration on a multiplicity of issues. Among themselves, conservatives mutter that the Bushies have become Carterized.

April 25, 2006 was one of the most embarrassing days in modern Republican history. While the President was doing his pale imitation of Carter, old Bill Frist and Denny Hastert were pounding the populism with the passion of the Kingfish himself - Huey Long.

Say good-bye to Hayek and Friedman and say hello to Eugene V. Debs and William Jennings Bryan. It will be no surprise if Frist takes to the Senate floor with his arms outstretched declaring, "You shall not crucify us on a cross of petroleum!"

The Moose always thought that the Republican base would never fall out of love with the President. However, it is actually happening as is reflected in the latest Fox poll which shows him with support among Republicans in the anemic '60s.

And the righteous right wingers can be none to pleased with their populist wanna be leaders in the Congress. But, it is far worse than what is being shown in the polls - conservatives are a group of spurned lovers who are simmering with resentment.

Back in 1980, the Republicans were rescued from Jimmy Carter by Ronald Reagan. Expect increased pressure within the GOP for W. to get in touch with his inner Dutch.

Indeed, both parties need to get in touch with their inner Reagan - the Reagan that inspired the country to regain its self-confidence. One of the best political slogans ever was that of the 1980 Reagan campaign - "Let's Make America Great Again."

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