Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Demise of the DeLayicans

The Moose avers that it was not just about the fall of a man, but the demise of a movement.

The Delayicans have lost their leader - mighty Tom DeLay has called it quits. It is likely that Delay himself recognized both the possibility of his own indictment and the harsh judgment of the voters, and stepped down. He may also sense that the GOP is about to lose its control over the House.

The Era of '94 is over, done, kaput.

It was just a year ago, that the denizens of the right rallied behind their leader. The Washington Post of April 10, 2005,

"The resistance was launched two weeks ago when DeLay flew back to Washington from Texas during Easter recess to speak to a group of about 30 conservative leaders who had gathered in the conference room of the Family Research Council for a call to arms on his behalf...

"The meeting was organized by Perkins; Edwin J. Feulner, president of the Heritage Foundation; and David A. Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union. Keene said he told the attendees: "If we are a serious movement, we cannot allow one of our own to be attacked."

"Keene said the leaders will show their solidarity by announcing this week that they are holding a tribute dinner for DeLay on May 12 at the Capital Hilton, complete with a film "summation of what Tom has done for conservatives." Keene said 1,000 people are expected, and tickets will be about $200."

Indeed, the right was right to rally around DeLay. From the Moose's personal experience, he can attest that DeLay and his staff were deeply integrated into the Washington conservative establishment. Ed Buckham, his Chief of Staff, attended a weekly meeting with Washington conservative leaders. Tom DeLay is the embodiment of a once proud movement that had descended into the pursuit of power and perks without principle. And what have they achieved of any permanence except for the lining of their pockets?

The millions of good conservatives outside of Washington should understand that their leaders have betrayed them. By alingning with the forces of Mammon, the conservative Beltway Blowhards have betrayed their movement.

Tom DeLay is a symbol of conservatism run amuck. Republicans are running for the hills in their desperate attempt to distance themselves from DeLayism. But the smell of corruption will linger in the air.

It's not just about Tom. Look into the mirror, conservatives. There you will see your true foe.

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