Thursday, April 20, 2006

Director of Anger Management

The Moose discusses the key factor in '06.

Forget the polls, issues and candidates. The key factor in the '06 election (not '08) is the raw emotion of unbridled anger. In an off-year election, it is all about who is the most jacked-up and pissed-off to show up at the polls and register their feelings.

The Moose saw it up close and first hand back in the '94 landslide. His fellow elephants were fit to be tied. They were seeing red and the states turned crimson. A natural disaster of Biblical proportions could not keep them from the polls to register their outrage with the ruling Clinton Administration and the Democrats.

Today, the Donkey is afflicted with the advance stages of political Tourettes Syndrome. They are muttering to themselves in public places about the various nefarious outrages of the Bushies. Democrats will spoil the most benign non-political social function with talk of the doomsday deeds of the President and the Republicans. They are already camping out at precincts in anticipation of the November 7th election.

In contrast, the elephant is on an intravenous diet of anti-depressants. Their care givers have removed all sharp objects from their possession and there are on a 24 hour suicide watch. If Republicans are upset about anyone they are mad with their fellow elephants about betrayals on Dubai, spending and immigration. Republicans are the Prozac Kids.

This brings us to yesterday's shake-up at the White House. Much is being made of the fact that Karl Rove was demoted and stripped of his policy responsibilities. The Moose begs to differ. In fact, Mr, Rove was handed the most important portfolio in '06 - White House Director of Anger Management.

In essence, Karl will be the anti-Dr. Phil of the Republican Party. Rather than settling the elephant down, he must rile him up. Rove's task is to make Republicans angry with Democrats again. It is a Herculean task given the circumstances. He must find targets whether they be gays, "defeatist anti-patriotic Democrats" or big taxing liberals. What wedge issues are left in his cupboard?

In order to get even, get mad
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