Thursday, April 13, 2006


The Moose salutes those brave Americans who have sacrificed in the war against Jihadism.

With the playing of the tape of the struggle of Untied Flight 93, America was once again reminded of the heroism of the passengers who fought back. Those civilians were the first fighters in this long war.

Almost five years after 9/11, America is deeply divided and mired in cynicism. But, each and every day, American heroism is on display. Unfortunately , very little attention is devoted in the media to the courage of our troops. There are far few stories on the acts of bravery and sacrifice. And do our schools teach about the selfless devotion of our troops and their families?

As we approach another holiday weekend, this should be a time to reflect on the profound sacrifices that are being made on our behalf by American soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. Consider contributing to an organization that assists those who have been wounded in combat. One such worthy group is the Wounded Warrior Project.

Today's Washington Post has a must-read piece by a friend of the Moose, Wade Zirkle. Wade is the Executive Director of Vets for Freedom which was established "not only to mobilize support, but also to highlight the sacrifices and achievements made by countless United States military personnel as part of this worthy cause." After graduating from college, Wade joined the Marines. He served two tours in Iraq and fought in the initial liberation of the country. In his second tour, he was wounded when the platoon he led was attacked by a suicide bomber.

Wade and his fellow soldiers represent the best in America. Their voices, unfortunately are often not heard amidst the sound and fury of the debate over the war. Wade writes in the Post,

"Like so many others past and present, I proudly volunteered to serve in the military. I served one tour in Iraq and then volunteered to go back. Veterans continue to make clear that they are determined to succeed in Iraq. They are making this clear the best way they can: by volunteering to go back for third and sometimes fourth deployments. This fact is backed up by official Pentagon recruitment reports released as recently as Monday.

"The morale of the trigger-pulling class of today's fighting force is strong. Unfortunately, we have not had a microphone or media audience willing to report our comments. Despite this frustration, our military continues to proudly dedicate itself to the mission at hand: a free, democratic and stable Iraq and a more secure America. All citizens have a right to express their views on this important national challenge, and all should be heard. Veterans ask no more, and they deserve no less."

If you see members of the military, thank them for their service. We are a nation deeply indebted to them for their bravery and sacrifice.
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