Tuesday, April 11, 2006


The Moose wonders whether the left will take a holiday from history out of partisan pique.

The Moose continues to be struck by the state of shock on the left about the reports on Pentagon planning to take out the Iranian nukes. According to the lefties, we cannot even pursue covert regime change in Teheran until there is "regime change" in Washington.

Here is some breaking news for these lefties - we have only one President at a time. And the new President will not be inaugurated until January, 2009. The period between now and then allows for the Iranians to go nuclear.

Is the position of the left that America should allow the genocide minded Iranian leader to go along his merry way toward obtaining weapons of mass annihilation until a donkey occupies the White House? One does not have to be a fan of W to recognize the "waiting for the donkey" position to be morally and strategically disastrous. Of course, it goes without saying that this President bears enormous responsibility for this sorry state of affairs. He decided to polarize politics while America was at war. And this Administration's horrid incompetence at home and abroad has weakened the public's faith in its ability to defend America.

For the sake of the country and the ongoing war on terror, the President should form a genuine government of national unity. A thorough house-cleaning should be followed by appointments of Democrats and Independents for important cabinet and sub-cabinet positions. Far more is at stake here than the fates of political parties - the security of the country is in the balance and it demands credible, bi-partisan leadership.

This is a dangerous world and our enemies will not wait until we put our political house in order. A confrontation with Iran is not inevitable, but petty and irresponsible partisanship will tell the Iranians that they have nothing to fear from the threats from the U.S. The President should engage and involve and inform the Democratic leadership about any plans about the Iranian threat.

The American left is increasingly moving toward the position that there is only one threat to our security in the world. Not the jihadists. Not the Iranian leader who denies the holocaust and his mullah buddies.

No, the only foe of the left is W., and if the Iranians get the bomb, so be it. This is the partisanship of fools.
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