Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Stockman Syndrome

The Moose suggests that the donkey should think about being in charge.

Three dollar a gallon gas may be the last straw. It is a clear and unmistakable sign of Republican doom.

The most disturbing the development for the elephant is the defection of the base. First it was disgust about the big spending ways of the Congressional Republicans. The the right rebelled over Dubai. The wingers are nuts about the President's position on immigration.

The Rovian strategy of base politics is in collapse. The immigration issue is becoming to this President Bush what the "no new taxes" pledge violation became to the first President Bush.

Democrats may enjoy the political benefits of the Stockman Syndrome named after former Texas Congressman and homeless fellow Steve Stockman who defeated House powerhouse Jack Brooks in 1994. Candidate recruitment means little when a wave develops. Even a homeless guy can soon be walking the halls of power.

Is the prospect of power unmitigated good news for the Donkey - not necessarily because with power comes responsibility. And as we move closer to the Big Casino Election of '08, Democrats could be held partially accountable for Washington if they control the House and/or the Senate. And if the donkey continues to be led around by the party's left, the GOP could enjoy a revitalization.

It is increasingly clear that the White House is oblivious to its plight. They may get a wake up call next week when Congress returns. Expect Congressional Republicans to be running for the tall grass in flight from the President. As the late Senator Gene Milliken once said, they will "paint their asses white and run with the antelopes."

But, Democrats must ponder the prospects of governing. If they do win control of one or both chambers, then what? They will only have a slender majority and will be reliant on Republican votes to pass legislation.

Or will Democrats just become a part of the Washington problem? A Congressional triumph in '06 may not be all good and a defeat may not be all that bad.
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