Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bad Bi-Partisanship

The Moose decries bi-partisanship at its worst.

This wasn't what the Moose had in mind when he wished for productive bi-partisanship - the Washington Post,

"Meanwhile, the controversy over the raid took a new turn today as Pelosi and House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) demanded--in a rare example of bipartisan agreement-- that the FBI immediately cease reviewing the documents and return them to Jefferson.

"Members from both parties have called the raid a clear violation of constitutional protections that shield lawmakers from intimidation by the executive branch."

What were Hastert and Pelosi thinking? The American people are already suspect that Congress refuses to play by the rules that apply to the rest of America. And what does the joint leadership do? They reinforce the notion by protecting one of their own.

Let's be clear. This has nothing to do with official business - unless putting payola in the freezer is now considered the business of the House. And the FBI properly obtained warrants for the raid - just as they would do if they were raiding a home or a business.

According to the House bi-partisan leadership, aggressive law enforcement should only apply to street criminals not congressional suite criminals. Of course, Congress should protect itself from Executive over-reach. But, Congress must also abide by the rule of law. And as we have learned, they are hardly in a position to police themselves.

This is an issue that the American people can understand. They comprehend that there is a joint, bi-partisan protection racket when it comes to Congress protecting its perks and prerogatives.

If Democrats don't benefit from disgust with Washington in November, we have just witnessed one reason why. Can they credibly argue that they are substantively different than the Republicans?

Or, are they partners in corruption?
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