Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The Moose reacts to the President's address.

If one listens to a moment of conservative talk radio, one would conclude that the right is lying awake at night with fear of hordes of illegal immigrants streaming across the border. Of course, there is a vexing problem. But it is hardly a crisis.

Yet, many on the right behave as if the nation is about to collapse under the strain of illegal immigration. The war against terror is almost forgotten because of the obsession with immigration. As a result, the Commander in Chief is now deploying the over-stretched National Guard to the border.

The base must be appeased. But, they will not be. Short of sending an army of Jack Bauers to round up and deport illegals, the right will not be satisfied. They will continue on the immigration rampage. The speech will not quell the conservative revolt. It will likely intensify it.

The Moose actually supports the thrust of the President's plan - it is a sensible and balanced approach to the problem. And his speech was a judicious and reasoned presentation. Yet, rational proposals on this issue are not the order of the day within the GOP.

If the President's proposal is defeated, it will likely be because of opposition from Republican right in the House. This is a deeply ironic development. This Administration is base dependent and has largely shunned bi-partisanship. And now they are paying the price for this ideological parochialism.

Perhaps, the best result of this debate is that the Administration may be temporarily forced to shift its domestic political strategery. Mr. President, how about being a uniter and not a divider? It's not too late and you made a good start last night.

Try it, you'll like it.
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