Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bravo Tony

Former flack Moose salutes another communications professional mammal.

It was only his first day on the job, but the White House Press Secretary Tony Snow wins accolades from the Moose. He displayed humor, candor, grace and humility. It was refreshing and the President will be well served by his presence in the briefing room.

Above all, Tony was human. In politics, we often forget that we are not enemies but competitors in the world of ideas. In his previous life, the Moose had some dealings with Tony and he proved to be an honest and stand-up guy.

Through his recent illness, Tony apparently was reminded of what is important in life. In this political world of spin, accusation and partisanship, we often lose perspective on what really matters. Yesterday, in a poignant moment, Tony offered an emotional reminder to the rest of us that politics should not be first and foremost in our lives.

Tony, the Union of Flacks welcomes you aboard!
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