Friday, May 26, 2006

A D.C. Accountability Moment

The Moose maintains that the President should have gone to the ballpark yesterday.

Yesterday, the Moose played hookey and went to see the Nationals play the Astros at RFK. There, he witnessed a rare moment of character displayed by major players in Washington.

At a time when almost the entire political leadership class eschews responsibility, Nationals Manager Frank Robinson and substitute Catcher Matt LeCroy stepped up to the plate (so to speak).

In the first seven innings of the game, seven Astros stole on Mr. LeCroy. It was becoming a problem. Consequently, Frank Robinson took the virtually unprecedented action and pulled LeCroy from the game and inserted another untested catcher.

What, you may ask, does this have to do with character and accountability? First, Mr. LeCroy didn't complain with anonymous background quotes to the Washington Post. No, Mr. LeCroy took the hit without complaint,

"I'm man enough to take it"

Harvey Mansfield, call your office!

And after taking this resolute action, a caring leader, Frank Robinson expressed sympathy for his player,

"Yet here was Frank Robinson, 70 years old, half a century in the game, with tears welling in the corners of his eyes and rolling down his cheeks. His right hand obscured part of his face. He all but chewed on his pinkie. As he pushed each phrase through his lips, he sighed deeply, all because he asked a grown man to perform a task he is ill equipped to perform...

"I wasn't trying to embarrass him in any way," Robinson said haltingly. "It was just a move at the time, at that moment, I just felt like I had to do it," he continued, before pausing again, "for the good of the ballclub, [to] try to win that ballgame."

And what relevance does this event have for our leadership class in Washington? Imagine if President Bush had pulled Secretary Rumsfeld for all of his errors? And consider if Rumsfeld had been as classy as LeCroy!

If you want accountability in Washington - go to RFK!
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