Friday, May 19, 2006

The Draft

The Moose feels a draft.

The Moose has longed believed that Al Gore will run for President. Despite his denials, he may be engaged in a Nixon-style comeback. Gore's recent appearance on Saturday Night Live was straight out of the RMN playbook when he appeared on Laugh-In. His global warming flick opening in Hollywood was playing directly to his base.

Maybe, Gore has not yet decided to run. He has issued repeated denials. But, as Moe Udall once said the only cure for Presidential ambition is embalming fluid.

For the past six years, Gore has been reinventing himself. Once, he was a southern moderate. No longer. Beginning in the 2000 "People vs. the Powerful" campaign, he emerged as a fire and brimstone populist. He has become the darling of the Move On crowd as he came out against the Iraq war, denounced the Patriot Act and endorsed Dean. Gore is the delight of Hollywood Hills.

Based on absolutely no inside information, the Moose speculates that Gore will not "voluntarily" enter the race. Rather he will reluctantly enter after the "spontaneous" activities of a Draft Al movement. This movement will be fueled with Hollywood and internet bucks. Of course, the purpose of the Draft Al movement will be to stop Hillary. The left will seek a credible candidate to carry their banner.

The movement will need its Allard Lowenstein -type leader. The Moose wouldn't be surprised if the leader will be found here.

The Moose also believes that a potential Clinton-Gore race will significantly strengthen Hillary if she prevails. She will reinforce her centrist credentials and deliver a blow to the left.

This could get very interesting...
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