Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Freeze or Microwave?

The Moose cites yet another example of how Congress is clueless.

The Moose is amazed by the kerfuffle over the FBI intrusion into the office of Congressman William Jefferson. The New York Times,

"After years of quietly acceding to the Bush administration's assertions of executive power, the Republican-led Congress hit a limit this weekend.

"Resentment boiled among senior Republicans for a second day on Tuesday after a team of warrant-bearing agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation turned up at a closed House office building on Saturday evening, demanded entry to the office of a lawmaker and spent the night going through his files."

And this is where the Republicans are drawing the line over Executive over-reach - are they out of their minds? Some cite the "speech and debate" clause of the Constitution which grants Congress some immunity in the exercise of their legislative duties.

But, Congressman Jefferson is being charged with hiding about $90,000 in payoffs in his freezer - hardly an official duty (but maybe not in this Congress). And Congress wonders why the public believes that they receive special privileges that are not available to the average citizen?

Perhaps, Congress can now create another new Constitutional protection to supplement the "speech and debate" clause -call it the "freeze or microwave" provision that puts them above the law in receiving payoffs in the pursuit of their official duties.
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