Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The GOP Good News

The Moose provides a reason for the GOP to be of some modest cheer.

Republicans should be very, very concerned. Their popularity hovers around that of some serial killers.

And the GOP deserves their low esteem. They have violated all of their precious principles. They have spent like drunken liberals. They have expanded government on behalf of their corporate cronies. They have created a haven for corruption. And they have been woefully incompetent.

But there is a silver lining. Some Democrats are rushing into the grasp of the loony tune lefties.

Move On has moved on to Connecticut to attempt to purge one of the most esteemed centrists in the party - Joe Lieberman. They are joined by the flotsam and jetsam of the internet and Howard Dean's organization in an attempt to demonstrate to the country that hawkish moderate liberals are not welcome in the Democratic Party.

At a time when the Democrats should be presenting a reassuring centrist face to the country - they are in a rush to lurch to the left. This upcoming weekend the leadership of the party will be headed to Vegas to pay homage to a far left wing internet impresario. And this is how they are sending the message that they will not follow the Republicans' example and pander to the base?

The New York Times Magazine,

"The event has been dubbed the YearlyKos convention, and it is the first-ever corporeal assemblage of the bloggers at the Web site Dailykos.com. These are the people who are said to be changing the very nature of American politics, transforming the old smoke-filled room of insiders into an expansive chat room for anyone who wants in. And so it's not surprising that Democratic luminaries like the party's chairman, Howard Dean, and its leaders in Congress, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, have arranged their schedules to address the convention, along with at least a few 2008 presidential contenders. No small contingent of political professionals and journalists will show up as well."

No doubt, the RNC will be there filming footage for attack ads on Democrats running in red state areas. And an event like this is the only good news for the GOP that should be planning for minority status.

As a result of corruption and ineptitude, the GOP may very well face disaster in November. But, remember the lesson of '94. After winning Congress, the Gingrich revolutionaries went off the deep end and Republicans lost the Presidency again two years later.

Democrats who pander to the left, beware!
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