Thursday, May 04, 2006

Justice Denied

The Moose is dismayed by the Moussaoui verdict.

The American people could be financing the care and feeding of Zacarias Moussaoui for the next several decades. This man was part of profoundly evil conspiracy and he could have prevented the death of thousands of Americans. For that, he should been sentenced to death.

But that is not the primary injustice in this case.

The terrorist Moussaoui should have never been tried in a civilian court. That was the first injustice. It was a profound misunderstanding of the nature of our conflict with Jihadism that resulted in this case being considered in a non-military court.

We are at war and Moussaoui is an enemy combatant. He was never entitled to the rights of an American citizen. Why was his childhood treatment relevant in this case? The only relevant matter was that he covertly infiltrated this country with the intent to kill as many civilians as possible.

He is not a criminal and America is not engaged in a police action - this is a war, he is a foreign terrorist and the proper venue for this case should have been a military tribunal.

Debra Burlingame, whose brother, Charles, was the pilot of the plane that hit the Pentagon, put it best,

"I totally accept and respect the jury's verdict," Ms. Burlingame said. "But I think it is very dangerous to show compassion to the cruel because they will bring cruelty to the compassionate."

Of course, many have forgotten we are at war. For a few distinguished Senators and Congressmen, intercepting terrorist communications is grounds for impeachment or censure. A call from Atta overseas and Moussaoui in Oklahoma should have been considered by a FISA court or the Constitution was jeopardized, they claim.

Unfortunately, some Americans view other Americans as a greater enemy than our Jihadist foe. Hey, hey brother Neil Young, can't you still muster some outrage about vile Jihadist killers, who behead innocents and kill in the thousands, and perform a rockin in the free world song condemning them - or is that no longer hip for the aging hipster?

Some will argue that the world will credit the U.S. for not executing Moussaoui. Don't hold your breath - it will be more likely be viewed as a sign of weakness.

The Moose suspects that most Americans believe that justice was not achieved with this verdict. One wish should have been granted to Moussaoui - martyrdom.
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