Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kissing Cousins

The Moose suggests that the right and left are kissing cousins.

The left is at war with Bush and the right is at war with Mexico. The sunny, inclusive Reaganites are battling the pitchfork neo-Buchananites in the Grand Old Party.

Meanwhile the right and the left extremes have lost sight of the primary foe - radical Jihadism. As Buffalo Springfield once put it, paranoia runs deep. The left is fearful of a lurking Big Brother and the right frets over columns of criminal immigrants swarming over America.

The ideological fringes display an extreme lack of moral seriousness. The lefties throw around terms like police state with wild abandoned. Have there been excesses in this war? Of course there have been - but nowhere near those of the First or Second World War or the Cold War. Dissent is alive and well in America.

And the right is acting as if we should be more concerned about Mexicans who are chasing the American dream than Jihadists who seek to destroy an American city. Excuse the Moose, but he has an appointment on planet earth.

The Moose would wallow in his depressive funk, but a friend recently pointed out the good news. At this moment, the two front runners for 2008 - Clinton and McCain - occupy the political vital center. As the Moose's buddy counseled him, this mammal spends too much time in the blogosphere and sometime forgets that most Americans are militant moderates.

Lately, Joe Klein has been pilloried by the blogosphere for suggesting in his new book that American might be looking to be challenged again. Joe's argument should not be dismissed. This is not a partisan moment. It is a time for a patriotic challenge.

Who will lead us again?
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