Monday, May 22, 2006

Netroots Lose, Again

The Moose observes that the McGovernites with Modems cannot do math.

By an overwhelming majority, Joe Lieberman is the officially endorsed candidate of the Connecticut Democratic Party. No matter how you spin it, if you are on the short end of 67 to 33 - you lose - unless if you live in the parallel universe of the netroots. It is there that Howard Dean is President of the United States. In that territory, Rodriguez defeated Cuellar back in Texas.

When one has a modem, anything is possible.

Joe Lieberman continues to face a fight for re-election because he has stood for principle, pure and simple. While others have retreated, Joe realizes that defeat in Iraq would be disastrous to America and to the Iraqi people. For that stand, Joe is confronting the wrath of the left.

But he will prevail. Although the ranks of the activists of the Democratic Party are overwhelmingly anti-war, a clear and unmistakable majority of the delegates of the Connecticut Democratic Party delegates stood with Joe because they appreciate his integrity and recognize his progressive record.

Unlike his opponent, Joe didn't just recently get involved in the fight for civil rights and the environment. For decades, Joe has been there for progressive causes. And even in the face of a massive national campaign against him, Joe continues to win the support of the large majority of Democratic activists in his state.

While Commissar Krugman kvetches from the cozy confines of the Princeton faculty lounge that Joe is insufficiently following the party line of the Upper West Side, the good Senator will press forward fighting for the cause of Scoop Jackson progressivism. And, when will the press focus on the fact that Mr. Lamont chose a co-star for his first commercial who once denigrated the deaths of Americans at the hands of terrorists?

Meanwhile, maybe the netroots should take a remedial summer math class.
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